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4 Steps to the Perfect Prom Hairstyle

What is the very first thing that comes to mind when you are thinking about getting ready for homecoming or prom or even your wedding? Being cute? Being smart? Being on time? No, you think about being beautiful. You think about being glamorous. You think about being classy. You think about looking your best.

A perfect hair style is one that is totally compatible with your personality, lifestyle, hair texture, facial features and your body type. Your prom hair style should be just as suitable and easy to achieve as your everyday hair style. It is essential to choose your prom or wedding hair style with great care; it will be your head turning hair style that will leave the impression of how confident, glamorous, and elegant you are!

But how do you do that? Where do you start? How do you get it right for that special day? We have the answers!

Step 1 Face shape

Face shape is just one important feature that you must consider when deciding on a formal hairstyle. Luckily the girl with the oval face can choose almost any style she wants. Of course, you still must take into account your personality and lifestyle, your hair type and your body type.

Not everyone is so lucky to have the ‘perfect’ face shape, but luckily there are some tricks you can use to modify most any of your favorite hairstyles.Believe it or not, an up do is not for everyone! For instance, if you have a narrow, long face, you want to avoid pulling the hair tightly back away from the face, or letting it hang straight down the sides of the face. This will only cause your face to appear abnormally narrow. Instead, balance with bangs or a style that adds lots of fullness at the sides and not so much on the top of the head.

On the contrary, you ladies with a round face shape, will want to create the illusion of height to your overall look. Encourage the eye to scan up and down by choosing a hair style that will add height to the top of your head, thus making you look taller and leaner. You are the perfect candidate for an up do!

As a general rule, avoid duplicating the face shape with the hair shape. If you have a round face, don’t settle on a round pouf hairdo just because you like it on the model; it will only make your face look unusually round. Instead, balance your round face shape with a blunt or angular cut.

Those of you who have a square jaw, need not fret. Your main goal when getting ready for a special occasion, such as prom or weddings is to create the illusion of softness to your overall look. Encourage the eye away from the sharp jaw-line by choosing a hair style that is curly or wavy.

Step 2 Hair type

We like to encourage our readers to “Go with the flow”. In other words, choose a hairstyle that encourages your hair’s natural tendencies, you don’t have to worry about and up do that flops or a a blowout that falls flat. Make sure you take care of your particular hair type my choosing the products specifically formulated for you. Likewise, choose a hairstyle that will show off your natural hair type rather than suppress it. This way, you are not fighting against mother nature who is a very head strong lady indeed!

Straight Hair

Since this type of hair is typically fine and soft and tends to be oily, shampooing everyday is the best way to optimize the little body the hair has. Use a gentle, Everyday Shampoo (Normal to Dry Hair)everyday shampoo formulated for oily hair. Condition hair once a week, only to avoid heaviness of the hair shaft.

Wavy Hair

Generally this moderately course hair type is neither oily nor dry unless there is some kind of damage, like sun or chlorine damage. This type of hair can be washed daily or every other day with a Everyday Shampoo (Normal to Dry Hair)gentle normal type shampoo. Condition with a moisturizer once a week.

Curly Hair

Curly hair needs to be kept moist by shampooing with a moisturizing shampoo every three days. Hair should be rinsed daily with water, however. Use a conditioner after each shampoo and deep condition once a month.

Kinky Hair

This type should be shampooed either once or twice a week with a good protein enriched shampoo like Pantene shampoo + hydrating curl conditioner. Keep hair moist by spritzing with a conditioner or sheen to avoid breakage. Follow each shampoo with a moisturizing conditioner and deep condition hair 2 times a month to keep the hair supple.

Strep 3 Hairstyles for your Personality

One of the great things about the internet is that we can access hundreds, if not thousands of pictures of hairstyles from all over the world. Well, we don’t need more than one for one special night, so what we find to be successful is to choose a style that suits our lifestyle and personality.

A girl who tends to be casual during the day, will most likely feel self-conscious in a glamorous up do that requires lots of prep and products. Likewise, a girly girl will feel under-dressed if she wears her hair hanging straight down. So we suggest finding a hairstyle that you feel good in and you will also find that you will feel much more comfortable and feel super confident at the same time! Here are our recommendations:

The Natural/Athletic girl’s best prom up dos tend to be the more basic styles and colors, her hair styles are also less fussy. Being active, you generally keep your hair pulled away from your face, let’s assume in a simple ponytail, so you’re of those girls who, when they let their beautiful freshly washed tresses down and put on some lipstick people really notice.

The Romantic type loves all things feminine! Her best prom up do style and fabrics are soft flowing and so is your hair. When you think of trends you tend to think in terms of a century rather than a season, so you may wear your hair from the Victorian era. You often have a signature color (violet?) or hair style that you are very loyal to and perhaps known for your loyalty.

The Urban Chic look is easy for you once you realize that your prom up do will be big bold and striking. You believe in fashion that shocks, makeup that pushes the envelope and hair styles that are risky. You like it when people react to how you look and live. You are drawn to new fabrics; unique silhouettes and strong unusual adornment.

The Classic girl’s best prom up do is sophisticated and elegant and can be downright glamorous. You are drawn to styles that are timeless and well made, no matter what, you are always in style. You are somewhat of a traditionalist and are attuned to what is flattering to you You classic ladies love the traditional styles that say simple and conservative.

The Creative type loves her ethnic and funky styles and unique color combos. You will feel perfectly at ease wearing a gown in black, or magenta. The best prom up do for you will be highly unique, to reflect your individuality. Hair stencils will set you apart from the rest.

Finally, lets talk about body type. Your hair style must be proportion to the rest of your body. Face size is another thing to consider. Too much hair surrounding a small face can be overwhelming. If you are a very tiny, petite young lady, be sure not to turn your up do into a BIG DO. It will only make you look top heavy. Likewise, super long or bushy hair will make you appear shorter than you are. Your up do should be no higher than your forehead and no wider than to the middle of your shoulders. You are small and your hairdo should be somewhat small, also. Proportion is key.

A larger face and body shape can carry a bigger hairdo. Your particular up do will of course depend upon your face shape, but when your hair is pulled back and up, it lets you look slimmer.

However, you don’t want your head to look tiny in comparison to your body. If you have a small head or wide shoulders, make sure there is some volume at the sides of your hairstyle. This will give the effect of a more proportioned head size. You, though, can take a much more dramatic ‘do in that your body type can carry it off. Lucky you!

Your most important task is to locate the one best hairstyle that’s suitable in each of these 4 areas, so as to match your hairdo with YOU. Your job is to understand your individual attributes, so you will be able to determine if the hairstyle is the right one for you. This research will prove valuable for the rest of your life, for you will never be the victim of a style professionals whose recommendations disregard you as an individual.

Hairstyles for Kids – Short Haircuts Are Best

Children love having long hair to show off to their friends, but long hair is a difficult task to maintain for most of the mothers. Hair cuts for children should be done in a way that they are manageable and short. Children are prone to several hair problems, therefore, a short haircut is a blessing for many parents. Children can experiment with different hair cuts and parents are relieved from managing the problems of children’s hair.

Hair styles for girls: Girls can have more variety as compared to boys in terms of hair styles. Some common hair styles for girls are described below.

a. Pixie cut: Short hair styles can be stylized using a razor to finish make it look sharp. You can also add layers for volume and bounce if you desire.

b. Classic Bob: This haircut is perfect for straight hair and is never out of fashion. You can choose a bob which curls inward or outward around the chin.

c. Blunt cut: This hairstyle is usually at the shoulder length, you can however choose for short blunt wherein the cut ends just underneath the ear. It is a very simple haircut and can be enhanced by adding fringes. Blunt cut looks cuter with front fringes.

d. Mushrooms cut: This hairstyle may be used on both girls and boys. This hairstyle involves a short crop along with a couple of layers on the crown.

Hairstyles for boys:

a. Army / Crew cut:: It is the best hair cut for summers. Army haircut is very short in which the hair length is lesser than one inch. You can coax your child into this haircut if he loves WWE by citing him John Cena’s hair cut.

b. Mushroom cut: Mushroom cut involves crop hair cut with two layers on the crown as mentioned above. It can be further enhanced by creating stylish designs or some waves around the neck with trimmer.

c. Spike cut: Spikes are created in several types where the child have a haircut with a front spike or it can be a mushroom hair cut with spikes everywhere. The spikes can be easily achieved by using hair gels and sprays, therefore, try to keep their hair short to obtain the desired effect

By now you must have realised that these are not complicated hairstyles. Also short hair cuts help your child look smart and playful. Whatever style you choose, just make sure that the hair cut is easy to handle, giving you less headaches and also makes your child feel comfortable with their elegant appearance.