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Best Short Hairstyles For Women With Round Faces

Although, many women with round faces avoid short hairstyles in order to avoid emphasizing the roundness of their faces, you can have a stunning look when you have the right haircut. To guide you here are some of the best short hairstyles for women:

Cotton candy

It’s short on the sides but the top left side is long. To give you an edgy look, the hairstyle comes with a beautiful color and wavy texture. To have this style you need to start by applying a styling product in order to wet your hair.

You should then blow dry the sides of the hair using a styling brush and then add texture to the hair using a styling product. You should then set the style using a hairspray.

While this style is ideal for people with round faces, its looks exquisite on women with hair that is of medium texture and density.


You need to avoid tucking your hair behind your ear. This results to having plenty of hair that covers parts of your face thus making your face appear narrower.

You should start by applying a styling product to your wet hair and then blow dry it using a large round brush. You should then use a flat iron and smooth the mid shaft to the ends. To add shine you should apply a serum.

Extreme asymmetric bob

This style is characterized by one side that is a lot shorter than the other. The length of one side causes the eye to look up and down thus giving your face an illusion of length.

You should start by applying a styling product to your wet hair and then blow dry it using a large round brush. You should then smooth the middle to the ends of the hair then apply a serum in order to add shine.

Graduated bob

This is shorter in the back and longer in front. Due to this design, the hair pushes towards your face thus making your round face appear narrower. The style also causes hair to push upward giving it volume.

You should start by applying a styling product to your wet hair and blow-dry it using a large round brush. You should then smooth the middle to the ends of the hair. To add texture you should apply a lightweight product.


These are some of the best short hairstyles for women with round faces. For ideal results you should ensure that the hair is done by a professional.

Choose the Perfect Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

There are more than a million choices when it comes to choosing a hairstyle. As a busy 21st century woman, it can be such a frustrating process when selecting the perfect hairstyle. Sometimes, when choosing a hairstyle, you may have one in mind that gets you excited. You might have seen it on a top-rated movie star like Penelope Cruz or a Grammy winner like Jenifer Hudson.

You may have thought that they have celebrity stylists working on their images so you could definitely copy their hairstyle. You make a quick trip to the salon with gruesome hours waiting with an end result that doesn’t look like the perfect lob on Olivia Wilde’s square face. This is when you realize the importance of choosing the right hairstyle for the right face shape. So let’s try to understand more about shapes of faces.

What is your face shape?

There are a variety of face shapes. This is all in the structure of the bones as well as their configuration. The first step in choosing the best hairstyle suited to your face shape is identifying your face shape.

* Oval: This is if your face width is less than 1/3 of your face length, therefore your face shape is considered to be oval. It has a characteristic smooth feature with no harsh corners along the jaw line with a narrow center. This is what gives a characteristic oval shape.
* Round: This is when the face has a jaw line that is soft, and a general equality of the face width and face length. It imitates a perfect general circle shape usually characterised by fuller cheeks.
* Heart: This is the shape created when your face tapers at the cheek but your forehead and cheekbones are wide.
* Square: This face shape creates beautiful corners with a square shape forehead and a sharper jawline that is wide and, on average, the same size in terms of face width and length.
* Long: This shape consists of a narrow face which is generally longer and features prominent cheek bones

Hairstyles suited for your shape

* Oval Face

Choose the Perfect Hairstyle for Your Face Shape-Oval Shape

Hair is better up for the oval face. The advantages of the oval face is the perfect proportions that come with it. Therefore, you can tie your hair up, and let your beautiful face shine brightly.

This is also one of the easiest hairstyles that is suitable very elegant ladies and girls. You can choose to enhance the tail by enhancing it and making it longer and more striking. Young girls can also use this hairstyle effectively for long and short hair.

*Round Face

Choose the Perfect Hairstyle for Your Face Shape-Round Face

The medium size cut that rests on your shoulders is a perfect choice for round faces. This gives you a stylish, yet edgy, look that maintains a certain level of class.

A useful tip is to add a few inches to the cut to increase the volume of the hair.

Have it flat ironed and highlighted to give it more funk to give the edgy touch of a woman with class.

* Heart Face

Choose the Perfect Hairstyle for Your Face Shape-Heart Shape

The pixie coy haircut is a favorite for heart-shaped faces. This range of short hairstyles is popular with celebrities like Halle Berry, Rihanna and Katy Perry. This is a popular trend that is easy to maintain while looking fabulous.

You can add a little funk by applying various dyes and highlights like blonde and copper or luminous colors that bring out the fun personality in you.

* Square Shape

Choose the Perfect Hairstyle for Your Face Shape-Square Shape Have graduated layers which are long that sit well on the shoulders. This hairstyle is for confident women and girls. It is a perfect everyday look and you can spruce it up with curves and waves that have an overlapping effect.

Add highlights to give your hair a nice gradient that suits your face shape. Blond seems to be a crowd favorite but when it comes to colors, choose the one that fits your hairstyle.

* Long Face

Choose the Perfect Hairstyle for Your Face Shape-Long Shape

With a narrow face, long-flowing sweeping curls are the ideal hairstyle for your hair. The curls give a sense of attitude and elegance. Let your hair flow past your shoulders almost reaching your upper waist. This hairstyle is suitable for weddings and formal functions.

You can also add various highlights like blonde, brunette or different bold-colored highlights for more personality.

Hairstyles can be fun when exploring and choosing one that suits your face shape which is vital in creating a nice overall look. Remember that hairstyles are coupled with the outfit that you’re wearing. Always explore different hairstyles and highlights to find the hairstyle that suits your needs and fits your personality.

Best Hairstyles For Girls

By knowing you must have known the fact that there are a lot of hairstyles that are available for a fresh look of the face and they are bound to make you look gorgeous. Now today we have come up with a number of styles that are meant for the girls with long hair so that whenever they are going to a party then can have any of these easy but pretty styles and make them look even more elegant.

Styles That You Should Be Going For

There are a lot of styles that you must have looked up and wondered how you can get them as well. Now is the chance to do just that and that is why you will have to read up this article.
• Up do and bangs – In most of the vintage movies you must have seen the hair rolled up into a top bun with a braid completing the look. The hair is tied in a high ponytail and then it is rolled to form a bun. The rest of the hair is braided at the end and then the braid is rotated around the bun. All you need for this look is a hair straightener and some hairpins.

• Twice passed Chignon – If the name seems unfamiliar to you, then perhaps the look will not seem the same. This is a very easy and yet a cute hairstyle that can be done within minutes. At first the hair is tied in a low ponytail and then the tied part is divided with the help of fingers. Now the end part is inserted in the gap twice so that it can have the look of an elongated bun. If you want, you can place ribbons as well as orchids in it.

Some Other Hairstyles

We have been talking about the hairstyles that make you look cute. But now we will give you some info about the styles that will give you a classy look.
• Infinity low do – This is a style that just needs a few pins and is suitable for all different types of hair. The look is so very gracious and confusing as people will not know how the style had been done and how it has ended. It takes a few minutes to be done and once it is complete, you can be sure of the fact that you look amazing.

• Super long ponytail – If you are wearing a gown, then in order to break the conventional shackles, you have to make sure of the fact that you go for ponytails. But be sure to do it only if you have long and cascading hair. It makes your hair look a lot thicker than it already is and that is the first reason why you will love to do it.

Now that you know about a number of hairstyles, all you have to do is to make sure of the fact that you look cute as well as classy when you put these up.

How to Make A Stunning Cosplay Makeup and Hairdo

Cosplaying is not less than any other creative expression and like many others, it demands a level of expertise and experience for proper execution. You might just be the guy who buys a costume and goes to the party just for the fun and the company of likeminded fellows but if you really want to present yourself as a character you admire, or if you want to participate for a competition you would need to go a bit more. We have compiled some tips on how you can do a better makeup to leave a lasting impression.

The first thing you want to do is clean up your face before applying makeup, this will remove all the dust and oil that later disturb the makeup. A clean face is also easy to work on.

Makeup for Photoshoot
If you expect a photoshoot at a convention, which would usually be the scenario, you might want to do a little extra. You also need to know the lighting conditions of the place e.g. is it outside in daylight or at night, is it indoors with colorful lights or with bright lights, is it indoors with grim lights, etc. This is because the types of lights greatly effect how you look on camera.

What you should normally do is:

Moisturize: Moisturize your face especially cheeks, around the nose, and under the eyelids.

Concealer: You should select a concealer that matches perfectly to your skin color. Beauty shops such as Sephora even allow you test. It does not need to be too expensive. Apply it to your scars, acne or any other spots on your face.

Foundation: Use a sponge to apply foundation all over your face. You can use any trusted local foundation that does the work. Try not to overdo it, you need to blend.

Powder: Lastly apply powder which will absorb all the oil and provide a final finish to your face.

The above four steps will give you a perfect face for the camera. After that it is up to you and the type of character what kind of makeup you put on it. Try to put more emphasis on the face as it is the most lively and crucial part of the face. Try to apply bright colors as they reflect perfectly on a camera.

When it comes to hair the products you use will change along with the changing requirements. Following are a few products you can use to color and style your hair for a cosplay.

Hair Spray
A hairspray gives you a vast variety of colors but leaves you with a helmet like head. Every colored hair strand will be in place. But you will not be able to pass your fingers through your hair.

A gel can be used when variety is not that important but washablility is. It comes in limited colors but simultaneously colors and styles your hair. It can easily be washed off with shampoo. Got2b spiking glue, is one of the best in the market, particularly for cosplaying.

One can also use chalk for a pastel-like texture for your hair. It is easy to use. You just need to slide it over your hair and it is easily washable. You can also brush your hair but it may fall on your dress if you don’t apply hairspray over it.

If you want your hair color to last longer you might want to apply Demi-Permanent Dye which will last for over 25 shampoos. Another easy and risk-free solution is using the clip-on hair of your favorite characters.

Hairstyle Ideas For Medium Hair – Tips to Choose the Most Flattering Medium Hairstyles

Hairstyle ideas for medium hair include varieties of sleek cuts and styles. Medium hairdos look contemporary and hip. It is equally important to know your face shape for choosing the most flattering hairstyle. You should also do a bit of research before jumping into any conclusion. Some of the most desired hairdos for medium tresses are bangs, sleek, curly, bob and straight cuts.

Tips To Choose The Most Flattering Medium Hairstyles

* It is usually a difficult task to choose from a variety of medium length hairstyles. One of the best and everlasting hairdos in this category is obviously the classic bob. You can anytime choose this design for enhancing and transforming your appearance with flamboyance. It’s the only style that suits every face type. It also softens your key areas like forehead, chin and jaw line.

* Curly hairdos epitomizes romance. You can flaunt super tight curls for wooing your partner. It’s touted to be the sexiest hairstyle. Try to add drama to your look by blending colors to your tresses.

* Layered hairstyles can also be a good option for accentuating your features. However, you should preferably know the texture and condition of your locks before choosing this cut. This hairdo needs high maintenance.

* Formal hairstyles can be the safest and the most stylish options for keeping your look subtle yet glamorous. You can try out updos and bangs.

You should also consult a hairdresser or search for a hair makeover tool online for discovering the most flattering medium styles for your face. You can also go through various fashion magazines for knowing the latest celebrity trends.