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What to Look for in a Large Dog for a Pet

If you are interested in a dog as a pet, getting a large one makes the most sense. There are other small pets one can get, which will be perfect for those interested in such sizes. You will also find smaller dogs for pets if you wish to go down that road.
There are certain characteristics you need to look for in a large dog. Friendliness is an important one. You cannot afford anything less when you are to keep it around your family. You need it to be so, especially if you will be taking it to places where there are other people, like at the park. You should also check whether it is protective, which is an added advantage. It should also be affectionate. You need a dog that shall be interested in being around your family, and even get excited at the prospect.
You should also confirm if the dog is hypoallergenic. It is possible to find out you are allergic to dogs. You may find that the reaction is extremely intolerable you are forced to give up on the pet. There are ways you can cope with those reactions, but it much more peaceful when you have no such reactions, to begin with. Getting one that does not shed so much fur is a good start.
The loyalty of the dog should be without question. Such loyalty is critical in such a pet. Where you find one that offers protection, you shall see it being even more loyal. You need a god that shall show you the owner the most loyalty.
You need to then check their energy levels. If your family and indeed your home allows for you to keep a highly energized dog, then go for it. But if your house is such that there is limited room, or you do not have the time or family size to attend to such activities, then a calmer dog that can get by with minimal exercise is ideal. A balance between the two is best, especially if you have kids who also need a lot of activities in their day.
Check also the intelligence levels. Where the dog is intelligent, it shall not take long to train it. It shall also be easier taking care of it, the same way it will cause minimal destruction. This also makes them better companions for your kids.
Focus also on one that is playful, gentle and self-aware, especially for families with kids. You shall find more info about large dogs on this website. Canine Weekly offers info such as on large breed puppy food, best dog shock collar, best hypoallergenic dog food, and such. You shall discover more after you have browsed the Canine Weekly site. You can view here all that and more.